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More Babies

Uncle Kurt and his wife, Aunt Ye Fon are due with their first baby any day now. Uncle Kurt is my Dad’s youngest brother (there were 5 boys- yikes!).  This will mean I have a cousin, almost exactly one year younger than my youngest child. You following?
I Love it! If I could have had 3 more children, I would have. I don’t think this ol’ body of mine could carry another baby for 9 months. Mike said the other day that if we had unlimited funds and help, he would have liked to have had 6 children.  This came as a surprise to me.  Crazy, I know. A whole bus load would be great- guess I have a bit of the Kuersteiner gene after all.
We had a little shower recently to welcome the October baby…

Sassy, Raynes, Aunt Sherry, Aunt Kelly, Caitlyn, Aunt Margene, YeFon, Aunt Katia


 Well, we finally know where Raynes get his hair color from— his cousin Anneke.

And these two could likely pass for siblings as well… My Dad would have loved to watch his nieces and grand daughters play together.

Checking out and ripping apart the gifts making sure baby cousin will approve… Ginger snap! This guy is such the tornado and holy cow does he ever keep me on my toes. If I cannot find him, inevitably he is playing in the toilet where someone accidentally left the lid open. Lovely.