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Week of Birthdays

This week in November, every year, brings a double dose of birthdays. Sister Sara Britton was born November 7th exactly one day before my dad’s birthday which is (was?) November 8th. Bada boom bada bing.  And… three friends celebrating birthdays tomorrow, November 9th. Clearly this is “the week” to be born (if there were such a thing).

The Week of Birthdays

week of birthdays via grateful simplicity

Photo Credit: The talented Katrice Howell Photography


And last night we celebrated a dear friends 40th birthday– because four decades is definitely worth celebrating.

The month is young and there are more celebratory days on the way– some of which may also include the numbers 4 and 0. Just sayin’….




Raynes recently pointed out that we needed a pumpkin for Halloween. Apparently my $3.99 Trader Jo’s pumpkin wasn’t cutting it.  So, we may have had to run to The Pumpkin Patch yesterday during lunch to grab ourselves a last minute prime pumpkin. And by “we” I mean Mike. Clearly, pumpkin patch photos are not in the cards for us this year. I’ll just have to remember the ol’ Monticello pumpkin patch and prego patch visits.  All three kids dressed up today, although I’m still not exactly sure what Britton was– something to do with a Riverside show and I ‘think’ K is a “nerd” (although the glasses she ordered look just like mine. Not sure what that’s saying).

Boo! via grateful simplicity 10.31.17


Boo! via grateful simplicity 10.31.17

That’s some serious pumpkin carvin’ right there. Those Michaels do not mess around.

Boo! via grateful simplicity 10.31.17

In hindsight, Tucker Mae needed a costume. Overlook the dog for Halloween? What kind of mom am I?

Boo! via grateful simplicity 10.31.17


October Round Up


October Round Up

For 11  years (11 years!) I’ve sat down at my computer to upload photos to this blog. Clearly, it has been harder to find the time to ‘sit’ much less try to upload the scare photos I manage to take with my Canon. Isn’t there an app for that?! um, hello Garrett. Yes- finally I can upload photos from my camera directly to this tiny little corner of the world. That may be both a curse and a blessing to my tween/teen girls. Sorry Britton and Kenley!

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder- a weight commonly known as Mom Guilt.

Seriously working on trying to let some of that go– and have been making tiny steps in the right direction. Now if I could only learn to say “no” to obligations making more whitespace in my life– I may actually regain flush colored skin under my eyes as opposed to the gray ash that permanently circles under my eyes. Pray, pray, pray my stress, anxiety and worry away.

Looking back, it’s no wonder I’m so flipping tired all the time. As October winds down, I was able to recap some of what has been filling our days this month.

Raynes turned 6 this month and for his birthday we took him on a trip- all by himself. He played the part of only child (which may have been a gift by itself). Had almost forgotten what it was like to have just one child– and the joy of being able to witness a child’s excitement as they experience things for the first time.

FSU Football season is in full swing. Don’t even get me started.

Mom was one of the distinguished story tellers at the annual Dove Tales event benefitting Lee’s Place which provides counseling to children and families who have experienced loss or trauma.  Not surprisingly, Mom knocked it out of the park with his Meme-isms.


My friend snapped this gem at the lower school pep rally yesterday. That’s my boy! We are so proud.


More Dove Tales with this sass-o-frass sister of mine.


It’s not very often almost every day that I get a snapshot of me and my boy. Homecoming Parade – Alumni float.

Cheerleading for football season has wrapped of but I first forced her to let me take one last photo. Kenley will likely make me pull this off once she catches wind of it– hopefully she thinks blogs passé and won’t notice.


This month Raynes learned to read and how to ride his bike without training wheels. All in the same week!



This may be my favorite. Britton really wanted to have her hair “done” at the salon for the Homecoming dance. Priceless.



October is crazy busy. I had to check to see what the date was on this photo- this seems like forever ago. Just posin’ in the kitchen- you know, hanging out with my too young off the shoulder top on.


Life may be crazy but a sense of humor goes a long way. Luckily my third born seems to have one. Good thing, since this was the only candle we could find for his cake.

Happy 6th Birthday, Raynes

The never ending birthday celebration is effectively in full force although it will be commencing this evening.

Trips, gifts, count downs, fairy God mother visits, Vivifit dreams realized, alone time with parents, cakes chosen, and so much more. What else could a 6 year old possibly need out of life?


Happy 6th birthday, Raynes!


Happy 6th Birthday, Raynes via grateful simplicity



Doughnuts for Dads

As Mr. Robinson reminded me, the last Kindergartener’s Doughnuts for Dads was held at school this morning.  Tend to hold on to these special occasions a little tighter now.  When I arrived (someone has to take the girls to school) Raynes ran over to me wearing his teal flip flops. To school. Perfect attire for this morning’s event.


Doughnuts for Dads via grateful simplicity


One of my favorite babies made a special appearance adding to the Friday morning fun.