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How am I spending my time?

Little Beethoven had a violin concert last weekend.



The End.


This was going to be all I was going to write for these few photos. Why? Because there was no time to write anything else. And therein lies the problem. I never seem to have time for anything. Ever. But why is that? How am I spending my time? Is it on what really matters? Time is our most precious commodity.

I was thinking about this very thing, and carrying  typical mom and wife guilt, when I stumbled upon a sermon on YouTube (of all places) that said  (and of course I am paraphrasing because no time to cross reference) essentially… we spend 80% of our time doing meaningless, grind-type, going through the motions type work. The remaining 20% is spent on doing things that bring us energy, allow us to be creative, and drive our passion.

What would life be like if we could flip flop this and spend 80% of our time doing things that bring us joy, tap into our creative side, and the other 20% going through the motions with the meaningless motions.  Makes you wonder, right. Oh, how life would be so different. I am not quite sure how to achieve this because,.. you guessed it… it was late and no time left to finish watching (that and it then prompted me to subscribe to the YouTube channel to continue watching).

One of the things I can do to, at the very least, put me on the right path, is learn to say no. On occasion. Let’s start there. Learning to say no– on occasion.

I’d love to help but I am over-committed already.

As much as she would like to be there, our family already has plans that day.

It sounds like it’s going to be so much fun, I am sorry we will have to miss it.

Sorry, but I won’t be able to make it.


That wasn’t nearly as hard as I had imagined. If only I could stop saying it in front of the mirror and try saying it in real life.


We raced to sweet Kenley’s first Winter Orchestra concert- after a tennis match but before an evening work event.


As I often have to remind myself, this too shall pass. This running around, never having quite enough time, always feel like a ball is dropping-business. It will, it will, if I think it enough it will.
For now? For now I’ll keep on trying to squeeze a little blog post here and there. Even if the thoughts aren’t cohesive and my spelling sucks.


I’ll keep setting reminders on my iPhone to fill prescriptions, load money in kid’s lunch accounts, and buy my cousin a baby gift.

I’ll keep pushing the envelop to see how late I can stay up, and how early I can rise, and still get everything done without getting so tired I can’t function.


This one had no trouble slowing down to sit quietly, still and listen intently to the music.




For now? I’ll slow my pace down, re-evaluate how I spend my time, and make sure I’m focusing on the people that mean the most to me. All of whom are under my roof with me at this very moment.


Catie Tyler

When your name is going to be Catherine Tyler (“Catie Tyler”) you really don’t need a catchy title. Catie Tyler does just fine all by itself. Lucky girl.

This weekend we showered my best friend Courtney with gifts for her baby girl that is growing each day and kicking away with a scheduled arrival day of Thanksgiving (could it be any more fitting?). When you have slack girlfriends like “Coco” you abandon the baby games (like tasting baby food in a diaper to guess the flavor or estimating the size of Mama’s belly with toilet paper- no thank you!). Instead of pink punch, we drank Rosé. Exchanged games for gab.  Every girlfriend’s perfect evening.

Catie Tyler via grateful simplicity


Dessert? Now we weren’t about to give that up. Catie Tyler needed those pink and white petit fours- she’s a growing baby after all.

Catie Tyler via grateful simplicity

Catie Tyler via grateful simplicity


I’ve heard it said that every Mom needs a daughter. In an effort to be fair to Moms of all boys, I am not sure that is entirely true. My boy is mighty sweet. But, I must say, there is something unexplain-ably (I know Mom, that’s not a real word) amazing about having a baby girl. Especially when that baby girl begins to grow into a little girl with bows and eyelet socks and endless chatting.  And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, she becomes more like a young lady than a little girl- and you realize she has opinions, dreams, and oh so much love and kindness in her heart. She wears your size shoe and next thing you know her hands fit perfectly over yours.

Catie Tyler via grateful simplicity


The fun that this sweet friend is going to have with her little girl. One of life’s complete full circle experience.

Catie Tyler via grateful simplicity

Buckle up Aunt Coco, because you are about to have one of the best rides of your life!


Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive

Once Upon a Time…..

There once was a home on Glenmore Drive where a small family lived. The only home that the little children had ever known. #GrowingUponGlenmoreDrive was a good home.

b and house and poochie


Finally, a family of four.  Meet 3 day-old Kenley Robinson.

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


Who later took her dimpled self and learn to crawl all over the floors of the home…. This made the home very happy.

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


The family had lots of birthday parties for the children at that home. Clowns, tea parties, tractors and princesses all arrived at parties to celebrate the little children growing up.

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


There were  lots of projects too, both big and little, sprinkled along the way. This, too, made the home happy.

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive

At some point in time I have painted, with our own hands, every single wall in the house- including hallways and the laundry room. I would call it a labor of love while Mr. Robinson would refer to it as sweat equity. 


On a chilly October morning, a little boy named Raynes came home from the hospital wrapped in a blue baby blanket. All the rooms at the house were now filled with babies and lots of love.

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


And he too, learned to crawl around the home, opening cupboards as he crawled over the cool kitchen tile.

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


The house loved having the family live there, especially the two dogs named Poochie and Tucker who ran around the yard barking at their dogs friends who walked with their owners along the street.



Sometimes the family would take ‘family golf cart rides’ around the neighborhood- trying to spot deer, collect neglected golf balls, and wait for the school bus up the road.

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


The little girls learned to ride their bikes….

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


And celebrate milestones…

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


But the family learned an important lesson… A home is just a house without the people you love.  So they moved on, taking only their memories, to a new home. And they all lived happily ever after.

Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive

Reasons to Celebrate

It has been a whirlwind weekend with packing, traveling, and a little bit of boating for good measure.  My  crew is back in their own beds and every single one of them snoring logs. Except for me- who feels the need to stay up just long enough that I am tired all day tomorrow- but that’s okay because I would be remiss if I didn’t:


Wish this guy a happy Father’s Day.  As we were driving from coast town, to coast town this afternoon I wondered at what age did I realize just how lucky I was to have my parents? And more precisely, did I ever really realize how lucky I was on Father’s Day when I was younger. Appreciation is a hard concept to ‘teach’ to children but my prayer is that slowly, little by little, with each passing year they more fully grasp this concept.

Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity


I know I’m lucky to have had my Dad, Poppy and Dale in my life- and extremely grateful to have Mr. Robinson and Pops with me to serve as a reminder of just how lucky I am, as our my children, on this Father’s Day.


Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity

photo credit: Britton



Another reason we should be celebrating? This little fella turned three! It’s Whitman the batman.

Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity


Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity



And no one likes to eat celebrate more than a Jacobs baby.

Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity


Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity


Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity

Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity


This is what a SPF 50, sun shirt and hat will get ya.

This is what a SPF 50, sun shirt and hat will get ya. It’s not easy being ginger.

Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity


And it’s a win for Kenley who managed to fanagle a tu-tu onto her little brother just in time for photos.

Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity

Can you guess which one he is?


Last summer's softball camp paid off....

Last summer’s softball camp paid off….

Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity

Okay, so maybe the plaid shorts hanging out the bottom were a bit of a giveaway.

So many reasons to celebrate.  Now it’s bedtime for this full-hearted Mama.

It started with the Fitbit…

It started with the Fitbit. I lost it.

Technically, the word missing is more like it. The electronic pedometer is somewhere in my house, I just don’t know where.  I went on a long walk yesterday afternoon (6,000 steps to be exact) and it It fell off my wrist last night as I was running around chasing a 2,3, and 4 year old.  Which is fine, because I woke up with terrible chin splints this morning.


Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me back up a bit.



We’ve had some news and exciting changes in our family earlier  this month.  I’ve accepted a short term, full time position which has me working outside the home for the first time in 9 years (my black ‘work’ pants from 2005 had enough dust on them to warrant a permanent relocation at the Goodwill). It was an opportunity that I knew was perfect for me and our family and couldn’t be more thrilled (and grateful) for this time. It happened rather quickly but we’ve managed to find childcare coverage for three kids, with short notice, smack dab in the middle of the summer.


Miracles never seize.


So there’s that.  Then throw in my missing fit bit (I’m telling you this has me so upset- not being able to track my lack of sleep patterns and daily mileage), and chin splits, and it’s still a pretty good Monday. (okay, the truth is I am competitive at heart and can’t stand the thought of my #maclaygirlsweekend friends surpassing me.)


Okay, where was I? Oh, so I am sitting at my new desk today, fitbit-less, when my sweet friend Gannon who has volunteered to pick up my children from their respective camps, calls and says, “I’ll take them swimming too so you can have some time to yourself this afternoon.”


Time to myself?

Magic to my ears.


I worked a little late because I wasn’t quite sure where I would go for 90 minutes footloose and fancy free.  Then I started dreaming thinking of Homegoods so I packed my bags, shut my office door (which locks automatically), and walked skipped out to my car.  Only I didn’t make it halfway to my car before realizing that  while I had packed my bags, only one was on my shoulder.  My purse with my car keys was inside my office. Which meant my office keys were also inside my office.  No car, no purse, no office keys.  Not going no where.


Responsible new employee, that’s me.


So now I am standing in an almost empty parking lot, most everyone has gone home, without a purse, car keys, wallet or office keys.


I called my mom and asked her to come pick me up. Thank goodness for Mom’s that never stop carpooling their 37 year old children.


She drove me home and I used her keys to get inside my house, only to realize I can’t find my spare keys to my car.

So tonight, as I sit here typing this too long of a post, I am without car keys. But that’s okay because my car is still sitting in the same parking lot space it has been in since 1:00 pm this afternoon.  Which works too because even if I did have the car keys, to drive the car to my office, I couldn’t get in because I have no office keys to my office door.


I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning. Mr. Robinson has the ultimate carpool route!


Okay, enough of my blabbing and onto something a little more visually stimulating.


If you need a cute gift (or one for yourself) my friend Darby made this hat for Britton. Trucker hats are the hats to have now. Especially with this 111 degree Florida heat!

it started with the fitbit via grateful simplicity


Who, incidentally, is still cooking up a storm. And thankfully so.

rosemary rolls-1

These buttered rosemary rolls are heaven in a skillet. Try them, you will thank me later.



And finally, I snapped a lot of photos at the (small) Kuersteiner reunion last Wednesday but this one is my favorite.


the boys via Grateful Simplicity


Whit looks like he is single and ready to mingle.

So there you have. That’s all I got for ya.  I can’t take it anymore, time to search some more for that darn fitbit.