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Early Christmas Present

When we moved into our current home we made tweaks to the interior but not much to the exterior. Almost a year and a half later, my Christmas gift came a little early.  Fresh paint!

We’ve painted the last two homes we’ve lived in an honestly, the color seemed slightly off both times. Can’t exactly repaint so it meant living 10 years in a home that was at times grey, occasionally more blue than gray, and on a dreary day even lavender.  I was determined to get it right this time, even if I did have to spend an hour in neighborhood Ace Hardware store with a inquisitive and talkative 5 year-old boy as I had the poor salesperson mix up 15 (yes, fifteen!) samples for me.

big white house via grateful simplicity


Lucky for me, my sweet girl friends are paint masters.  Courtney is the Paint Whisper. She speaks Sherwin-Williams paint colors like it’s no one’s business. Alabaster. Sea Salt. Gray Owl. She says smart-paint-girl things like, “that white has a yellow undertone” or “that blue is too cool” and “that white isn’t warm.”  What does  that even mean? She approved, if not picked out, every interior color when we renovated.  God love her!

Double winner— Gannon is a local interior designer with an eye for it (and Mike says attention to detail that I sometimes lack). She would never have to spend an hour in Ace Hardware mixing 15 samples because she would know right away which two samples she needed to see up. And that she did. I had no less than 7 shutter color samples on my house when she looked at them and said “None. You need to try Black Forest Green.” And she was right.

Early Christmas present via grateful simplicity

In my next life I want to be a great singer and have a eye for design.

If  you don’t already follow Gannon on Instagram, check her out! Her business is Hunt & Hunt Interiors (her mom, Laura Hunt, is also insanely talented) and she posts often and covers a wide range of styles with some travel thrown in for good measure.

Thank you, Mr. Robinson, for delivering an early Christmas present!


Lost & Found {a Thanksgiving tale}

The Thanksgiving photos, which I thought were gone but not forgotten, have resurfaced. Just in time for Christmas parties, caroling and shopping. Mr. Robinson and I hosted Thanksgiving this year with an abbreviated bunch of family representing which still made for close to 15 tablesettings people. I decided to embrace Thanksgiving, and try I as I might to talk myself into the more sensible paper plates, out came the fine china, linen napkins and heirloom tablecloths.



The only Christmas to be found on our table was some red berries and Spode Christmas plates.  Might have gone a little overboard with the tall flower arrangement but my motto is you can be too thin, too rich, or (my latest addition) have too many flowers. And I’m sticking to it.

Lost & Found {a Thanksgiving tale}
Mike’s mom has had some health issues since last Spring and we are thankful she is getting stronger and that she and Cleve were able to join us for the Thankful feast (with overflowing flowers).   Ken;ey’s little heart has been giving us a small pause for concern so before we get too worked up, her doctor has her wearing a heart monitor so we get the data to know if it’s “something” or “nothing.” My guess is the latter.


Lemon tree is overflowing — cold, fresh lemon water every morning now.

If anyone asks, the turkey was organic. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

If anyone asks, the turkey was organic. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.


Kenley has quite the football arm. Who knew?!

Kenley has quite the football arm. Who knew?!

Lost & Found {a Thanksgiving tale}




Poof! And just like that, Halloween is over. We dressed up (okay so I did not but do have big plans for next year), kept all 20 kids intact and alive over our two-hour trick-or-treating adventure. Thankfully, Mr. Robinson hid most of the candy and for once, my Dory-like memory is a good thing because for the life of me I cannot remember where he said he hid it.  While I really do want to fully embrace each holiday with it’s due time of attention– Halloween, Thanksgiving— I can’t help myself from turning on 105.3 on the radio to listen to the Christmas Carols that have been playing for two weeks now. Finally, I can listen without feeling like a total crazy woman (thank you Britton and Kenley for humoring your mom and singing along!).

My little red strawberry, SWAT Team fellow, and not-pictured black cat are counting down the days. There are 53 days left in case you are interested. It’s okay, you can listen to Christmas Carols too. No judgement here!


Boo via grateful simplicity


Boo! via grateful simplicity

Boo via grateful simplicity

Boo! via grateful simplicity

Kenley’s class party (aka next year’s middle schoolers)

Boo! via grateful simplicity

R’s Preschool Halloween Carnival

Boo! via grateful simplicity

The camouflage Polaris came in handy this time


Boo! via grateful simplicity

The best hay ride driver (and cooler hauling) around….

Boo! via grateful simplicity

Check out those wings!

Boo! via grateful simplicity

Assistance keeping the adults hydrated for two hours of non-stop walking, running, and candy grabbing

Boo! via grateful simplicityis over.



Carolina On My Mind

In my mind I’m going to Carolina, and in my mind, we have.  I had all but forgotten how pretty it is here, particularly when escaping scorching temperatures at home. Growing up, we often came to Western North Carolina to hike, go whitewater rafting, mine for gems, horseback ride, and read.  To this very same area actually. A couple of times we have been somewhere and I look at Mr. Robinson and realize, “I’ve been here before” all dazed-and-confused like having one deja-vous moment after another.  With many families from home also visiting at the same time, we’ve run into several friends and had dinner al-fresco last night with some of our favorites. Mrs. Grant is one of Raynes’ all-time favorite people so it was quite a treat for him to get to see her– along with her sons who introduced Raynes to tackle football and let him do some fishing on the creek with them. Such patient boys, just like their mama! I’m not wishing we had planned to spend just a little more time here, and in the meantime will continue to have Carolina On My Mind.





Caroline on my Mind via grateful simplicity



Sliding Rock



It was all fun and games until little guy plunged into the 8' ice-cold water

It was all fun and games until little guy plunged into the 8′ ice-cold water

This was more his speed

This was more his speed



We found a great architcetual salvage store in Brevard, NC that is worth checking out if you near this area. This awkward moment is brought to you by bribery.


Multi-family picnic style, NC-style

Multi-family picnic style, NC-style. Mrs. Grant is like a rock star, and these people, particularly the one in yellow shorts, are her biggest fans.



His time has come…

As you walk up the stairwell in our foyer, you will see two rather large oil-paintings of this little guy’s older sisters. Talk about feeling like an outsider. His self-confidence is about to get a boost as his time has come and he will soon have a (smaller) painting making wall status- almost five years later. Such is the life of a third child. My talented cousin, Katie, painted Brittons while my Mom gave oil panting a stab and painted Kenleys (such hidden talent!).