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Homecoming Dance

Homecoming Dance

The Oldest had her first high school dance recently. A lot of anticipation (both of us!) leading up to. Sassy took her shopping for a dress this summer– back when she started thinking about Homecoming attire (she may have actually begun thinking about it much, much earlier- as in Spring). Britton had a wonderful time and was home by 10:45- my kind of evening!

Homecoming Dance via grateful simplicity

Homecoming Dance via grateful simplicity

Homecoming Dance via grateful simplicity

And of course one of Britton and her other first boyfriend.

Homecoming Dance via grateful simplicity



Happy 6th Birthday, Raynes

The never ending birthday celebration is effectively in full force although it will be commencing this evening.

Trips, gifts, count downs, fairy God mother visits, Vivifit dreams realized, alone time with parents, cakes chosen, and so much more. What else could a 6 year old possibly need out of life?


Happy 6th birthday, Raynes!


Happy 6th Birthday, Raynes via grateful simplicity



Community Helper

Kindergarten is studying community helpers and students were asked to dress up as a community helper. Nurse, fire fighter, police man… the choices are limitless. That is unless you are Raynes Robinson when there really is not but one choice which is Office Mitchell who keeps the school campus safe. Raynes found himself a SWAT team ensemble, complete with a walky talky just like Officer Mitchells. When he grows up, can you guess who he wants to be?


Community Helper via grateful simplicity

Math Treasure Hunt

With child number three, it is rare that I do what’s called ‘sit on the floor and play with him.’  Now that Raynes is in Kindergarten, I’m forced to up the ante and spend more one on one time with him – reading, math facts, coloring, or ‘homework.’  Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to gather school supplies to do this– let’s not go crazy. But… there is always Pirate Booty in our pantry, as it is one of the four foods Raynes will actually eat (hence the size 3T shorts he is still wearing)… and that? That is something I can work with.

*Guest Contributor Natalie Thrash has offered the below math game to serve a duel purpose in our family: counting and calories. I’d call that a win win!    

Math Treasure Hunt via grateful simplicity


 Math Treasure Hunt

There’s nothing like a treasure hunt to get kids excited. The good news is that all that pirate booty can be used to boost their math skills. Here’s how to work the numbers as they sort their loot.

What You Need:

  • A fittingly treasure-esque box or jar for your pirate to place his bounty.
  • A collection of small items like colored gems, strings of beads, and “coins” (can be found at craft stores) or household treasures like buttons, bottle caps, screws, old keys, or anything else that can be counted and sorted.

What You Do:

  • Hide it. Spread the loot around your house or in the backyard. Once your pirates have located their booty, the math begins!
  • Estimate. Put all the treasure in a clear container. Ask your kids to guess how many items are in the jar. Challenge them to empty out the portion they think is half, or to take out a quarter of the amount. Then empty the entire contents and check the accuracy of thier estimations.
  • Sort and classify. Ask your kids to sift through their treasures and match like items. Then throw them a few questions. For example, are the buttons all the same size? Do the keys look alike? Are some of the gems square and others round? Not only does this activity teach children to group items into sets, but it teaches them to observe carefully. Ask them how the things in each set are alike and how they are different.
  • Tell a story. Use their treasures to tell addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division stories. For example, if we share 17 buttons among 3 friends, how many will we each get? Will there be some left over? Or if we have 3 shirts that need 5 buttons each, do we have enough buttons? Ask your kids to act out the problem, by dividing the buttons between the “3 friends” or the “3 shirts”. They can use stuffed animals if they’d like, or just their imaginations.


    For more learning resources like this visit     

Doughnuts for Dads

As Mr. Robinson reminded me, the last Kindergartener’s Doughnuts for Dads was held at school this morning.  Tend to hold on to these special occasions a little tighter now.  When I arrived (someone has to take the girls to school) Raynes ran over to me wearing his teal flip flops. To school. Perfect attire for this morning’s event.


Doughnuts for Dads via grateful simplicity


One of my favorite babies made a special appearance adding to the Friday morning fun.