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Lost & Found {a Thanksgiving tale}

The Thanksgiving photos, which I thought were gone but not forgotten, have resurfaced. Just in time for Christmas parties, caroling and shopping. Mr. Robinson and I hosted Thanksgiving this year with an abbreviated bunch of family representing which still made for close to 15 tablesettings people. I decided to embrace Thanksgiving, and try I as I might to talk myself into the more sensible paper plates, out came the fine china, linen napkins and heirloom tablecloths.



The only Christmas to be found on our table was some red berries and Spode Christmas plates.  Might have gone a little overboard with the tall flower arrangement but my motto is you can be too thin, too rich, or (my latest addition) have too many flowers. And I’m sticking to it.

Lost & Found {a Thanksgiving tale}
Mike’s mom has had some health issues since last Spring and we are thankful she is getting stronger and that she and Cleve were able to join us for the Thankful feast (with overflowing flowers).   Ken;ey’s little heart has been giving us a small pause for concern so before we get too worked up, her doctor has her wearing a heart monitor so we get the data to know if it’s “something” or “nothing.” My guess is the latter.


Lemon tree is overflowing — cold, fresh lemon water every morning now.

If anyone asks, the turkey was organic. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

If anyone asks, the turkey was organic. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.


Kenley has quite the football arm. Who knew?!

Kenley has quite the football arm. Who knew?!

Lost & Found {a Thanksgiving tale}




Extra Dose of Gratitude

Forest Jr. is at it again because one race a month isn’t nearly enough- Kenley wanted to run in two. This time, it was about 1.5 miles (I’m still fine tuning my role as runner mom who knows the details of each event..).  The fall weather descended upon us, just in time for the Friday afternoon XC championship race. A great way to kick off he weekend- elementary students from all around town competing (although it felt a lot more like fun).   She has some sweet, kind friends in her class, and on her team, that practice together twice a week.  And while I am well aware of her somewhat rocky start when she was a baby, I certainly don’t sit around dwelling on it. But… the irony is not lost on me as I cheer from the sidelines watching her run her little heart out-  thump, pound, swoosh, push, beat, repeat- catching me off guard and giving some moments like this an extra dose of gratitude.



Extra Dose of Gratitude via grateful simplicity

Her straight path ” …Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”



Might that be a smile on her face?

Extra Dose of Gratitude via grateful simplicity

Post-race smiles

Post-race smiles

.... And post-race visit to the snow cone truck.

…. And post-race visit to the snow cone truck.

Extra Dose of Gratitude via grateful simplicity

Extra Dose of Gratitude via grateful simplicity


Mexico (City) Beach

Mexico (City) Beach

A 7 day lag time is better than nothin’ in my book. Last weekend the Williams were brave kind enough to invite us to spend the weekend with them at Mexico Beach. Or, as Kenley would later tell people, Mexico City Beach. Wouldn’t that be something!

onward march

onward march.. Uncle T-Bone quickly found a new little friend



We are thrilled that the girls will be in school with our crew starting next month- even if Ruby (their youngest) isn’t so sure about switching to a new school. Boy does that sound familiar!

It’s hard to believe that last year at this time both my girls were getting ready to change schools- one reluctantly (B) the other unsure (K). And I was about to head back to work, full time, for the first time in 10 years. My does time fly.

Weezer says 'Kite Runner' is a must read book- noted and added to the list.

Weezer says ‘Kite Runner’ is a must read book- noted and added to the list.

Mexico (City) Beach via grateful simplicity

A little surfing lesson from the ol' man

A little surfing lesson from the ol’ man

Mexico (City) Beach via grateful simplicity


Lilli, who had heart surgery earlier this year, is doing awesome! Kenley has a kindred spirited friend who also has a scar on her chest and there is something both reassuring and a bond that comes with that.  You are not alone.

The Soul Sisters

The Soul Sisters

I wonder if ‘Weezer’ and gang know how lucky they are to live a block from the beach? And even better- they will still get to do this every weekend. Hmm, maybe Kens will get brave enough to spend the night out again and has some more Mexico (City) Beach trips in her future….

Maybe her Mama too?

Mexico (City) Beach via grateful simplicity

always out numbered— this weekend? 4:1



Mexico (City) Beach via grateful simplicity

How cute are these ikea pails? Mine are in my pantry but I think need to be repurposed into the kids room at the new house


Mexico (City) Beach via grateful simplicity

Britton and Ruby– the two leading-the-pack personalities


Mexico (City) Beach via grateful simplicity

K and Lilli- the two rule followers



Have a great 4th of July– we are headed to The Coast in hopes of loading up the boat with some scallops.

Mexico (City) Beach via grateful simplicity

Crazy is as crazy does

Not to toot my own horn (okay, i am totally tooting my own horn here) but I have officially earned my VIP Mom badge this week. Mr. Robinson has been in San Antonio all week for a meeting. Meanwhile I’ve held down the home front, single mom with the three kiddos, leaving for work at 7:30 a.m. with a home that is officially for sale and…. even had it ready for a real estate agent caravan on Tuesday by 7:30 am.

Me. By myself.

I did it. It’s done. Mr. R comes home tonight and I be beat!


crazy is as crazy does via grateful simplicity

So the house situation? After 10 years, the hubs came home and said he was tired of his 45 minute commute to work, and wants to move closer in town.  I’ve always said, since I’ve been at home the past 9 years, that when he is ready to move, we will.  Goodness knows I could never make that drive day after day. He finally is so we are.

Crazy, here we come (or here we are, depending on your perspective).

Speaking of… the older my kids get, the crazier each season becomes.  This fall, in particular, was busy with the introduction of athletic games while this Spring is proving to be equally crazy with end of the year parties and performances.


Sweet Katie, who babysits for the kids (as well as Poochie and Tucker) came to Kenley’s “Neverland” performance today- joining big sister and Mama. We represented well!

crazy is as crazy does via grateful simplicity


Every now and then I’m thrown off when watching Kenley do something ordinary- like sing in the school play- and I’m overcome with a sense of enormous gratefulness to have this precious child on the stage. Singing. Just like everyone else.  It’s not that I sit around thinking about all that she went through as a baby. Rather, it sneaks up on me when I least expect. Like 10:30 am this morning while watching the play, juggling the iPad and camera to capture it all.

While most folks won’t understand, my hope is that I may never watch that sweet child in a play, recital, graduation, or even wedding without that same overwhelming sense of thankfulness.  Because while I am many things– overwhelmed, crazy, Type A, tired…. Above all else, I am thankful.  Sometimes ordinary moments are the greatest reminders of this.

You have nothing to be afraid of…

Sending prayers out this morning for this sweet girl, Lilli, who is at Boston Children’s Hospital, as I type, having open heart surgery to repair a valve and VSD.  Ironically, this is similar (though more complex) to the surgery Kenley had in 2004.

What are the chances? One of my close friends? We graduated same year, have the same wedding anniversary, our daughters were born 4 weeks apart, and they both have heart defects, and the same one?  It’s like an twisted type of irony or something….



Or maybe that makes us sole sisters, and our girls heart sisters.

You have nothing to be afraid of via grateful simplicity


When K buckled herself into the car this morning, she asked me how Lilli spells her name. Then she asked me when her surgery was to which I responded, “this morning.”

I somewhat held my breath waiting to see what Kenley’s reaction would be, knowing that her little friend was doing as we spoke.

Her reply?

“I told Lilli she had nothing to be afraid of.”  Of all the things she could have said, that was last on my list.  As parents, we have everything to be afraid of.

My brave, brave girl. I may have cried a little inside when she said that after having been through so much as a baby.

She’s right though, if we keep our faith we have nothing to be afraid of.  I think those little stitches in her heart made her extra intuitive.