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Bags are Packed

There was a time when relaxing was a frozen drink, a quiet pool, good book, low humidity and girlfriends. Followed by an evening out with friends, and a lazy Saturday morning. 
When you have kids, hit mid-thirties, the definition of relaxing may change a bit.
Relaxing to me was Friday night– Mike out of town, the girls spending the night with Sassy, leaving me with Raynes and two dogs. You know your life has officially hit ‘crazy’ on the meter when spending the weekend along with a baby and two dogs is heaven.
With a 6:00 pm bed crasher, it sure was like being on a vacation.

Little guy took advantage of his quiet house by taking three naps and four poops on Saturday. I guess taking a bunch of poops is a baby boy’s idea of heaven.

Double duty- electronics and snuggles.

Thank you Sassy for the 24 hours of ‘lesser craziness’ at my house….

The kids and I have a fun week ahead. The gas tank is full, tire pressures are good, bags are loaded up… we are leaving for a road trip this morning to visit friends, Aunt Shea and Aunt Coco. I might even get to enjoy my second country concert of the month.  This could get a little crazy, on several accounts.

Up, up and away we go.