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Last weekend we had a cousin sleepover. My sister and I had the bright idea (finally) of swapping out Friday nights with the little cousins allowing for some much needed quiet nights/nights out on the town for the parents.  The kids did great- they are finally at an age where you don’t have to worry about choking, wandering off (okay, so maybe you have to watch Big Whit), wetting the bed, or otherwise terrorizing both animals and home.

Instead, it was arts and crafts, popcorn and movies with sleeping bags set up in Meme’s suite. Very fitting- I think she would have liked having them camp out on “her side.”  Saturday morning they awoke super early so by 9am, when we had already been up for 3 hours, we hit Dunkin Doughnuts then headed to Sassy and Pops house where the kids wouldn’t take ‘no answer’ to their unanswered beating on the door as ‘no one is home.’  Sorry, mom.

With the holiday season officially here, it somehow comes with a bittersweetness. Last year, as I took pictures of her on Thanksgiving day, in the back on my mind I thought it could be her last Thanksgiving but in my heart thought she would gather with us for more years to come. Holidays may have an bit of a sting this year.  But I have to remind myself,  how sad would it be if it wasn’t.  There is still so much to be grateful for.

Sleepover via grateful simplicity

Sleepover via grateful simplicity


Sleepover via grateful simplicity

Sleepover via grateful simplicity

Door #2– suspecting Sassy was still asleep they beat on her bedroom door.


Sleepover via grateful simplicity

Front door. Sorry SBK, but everyone has an itch sometimes.





Week of Birthdays

This week in November, every year, brings a double dose of birthdays. Sister Sara Britton was born November 7th exactly one day before my dad’s birthday which is (was?) November 8th. Bada boom bada bing.  And… three friends celebrating birthdays tomorrow, November 9th. Clearly this is “the week” to be born (if there were such a thing).

The Week of Birthdays

week of birthdays via grateful simplicity

Photo Credit: The talented Katrice Howell Photography


And last night we celebrated a dear friends 40th birthday– because four decades is definitely worth celebrating.

The month is young and there are more celebratory days on the way– some of which may also include the numbers 4 and 0. Just sayin’….

Graduation Nation

Graduation Nation at the Robinson household last week. I realized sometime back that a time would come when our children would enter all three divisions of their/my school on the same day. What I didn’t anticipate, was that first they would ‘graduate’ from each division. Triple whammy. Particularly as my last child leaves Preschool for the last time.  While I can’t wrap my head around my oldest entering high school, especially since it was only what seems like a few years ago that I was in the same high school, I know she is ready to fly.

Disclaimer- potential obnoxious parent bragging ahead: Both our girls have worked hard this year to earn high honor roll for the year. This means that their yearly academic average was an A- or higher in every subject area. This is no easy feat and not lost on their dad or me.

So all this to say, we officially have a high schooler, middle schooler, and kindergartner in the Robinson house….. now we’re going to enjoy us some summer.

Graduation Nation via grateful simplicity

Kenley’s 5th grade graduation


Graduation Nation via grateful simplicity

Graduation Nation via grateful simplicity

Graduation Nation via grateful simplicity

Graduation Nation via grateful simplicity

Britton’s 8th grade graduation


Graduation Nation via grateful simplicity

Graduation Nation via grateful simplicity



Never before seen footage

Britton brought me an old memory card and said, “you might still want this because there’s a lot of photos on it.”  Sure enough. Thankfully, these now irreplaceable photos taken in July2016 have been backed up (and backed up once more) for prosperity.   #Lifeat1259 has changed yet continues. Raynes was always thankful for an audience appreciative of his latest craft creation.  Meme, a fellow artist herself, was willing to give him the attention positive feedback he needed.  I believe we recently found a sketch book of Meme’s where on at least 32 of the pages was the same woman’s face sketched in pencil. She may not have had much variety in her subject matter but she darned sure nailed the one she drew.


Never before seen footage via grateful simplicity

Never before seen footage via grateful simplicity



July 2016


Sylvia Landrum

I had all but given up… keeping up with this ol’ blog. With the arrival of Instagram, snap chat, Insta stories and facebook, a blog seems somewhat antiquated. But then my 13 year old asks me, ‘When are you going to renew your blog?’  to which I ignore. Then my mom, then my other daughter.. And finally, Mr. R who says, ‘just renew it already. You will be sorry if you don’t.’  They are probably right– while these posts are more like ramblings than anything, the intent has remained constant over the past 11 years since inception. Keeping memories for prosperity.

So here we are.

And in light of recent events, it seems more important now than ever.

The last time I posted was on March 21, 2017.

That night, Mom had an impromptu dinner at her house for my never ending birthday.  We had our extended family with usual odd family discussions of bathroom habits, fashion, and on this particular evening– family genealogy.   Mom didn’t even complain about the mess all the little people left behind when I called to thank her.

Everything in our house changed the next day.

Britton was home sick and I had a doctor’s appointment that morning (welcome to 40).  Around lunch time Britton called me asking for Panera for lunch. Feeling guilty that she was home sick for a second day (the girl doesn’t like missing school) had me leave the office once again, telling my co-worker I wouldn’t be more than 20 minutes, to run through the Panera drive through for her chicken noodle soup.  One the way home I saw our yardman at the neighbors house which reminded me I needed to give him a check.  I parked my car, ran quickly inside, put Britton’s Panera bag on the counter, called up to her, and dashed back to Meme’s suite to give her the check for the yardman. She always likes a good task. I immediately knew something was wrong when I walked into her living room. The TV wasn’t on and she was slouched on the couch.  Always one to ‘pop up’ as to not catch her snoozing, Meme would never remain lying at the sound of her French doors clicking opening. As soon as I saw her I knew she was having a stroke.

I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the land line dialing 911- and instructed Britton to call my mom and tell her that I was calling the ambulance.

It turned out to be a catastrophic stroke. She passed away exactly fourteen days later.  Meme would have been 91 on April 19th.  We had reservations at Sea Island, where she has spent the better part of 60 years visiting, to celebrate her birthday.  We are all adjusting to our new normal- my children included.  Everyone mourns different, and has a different mourning maturity. We miss her very much – along with her organic food she would sneak into my pantry, trash bags she liked to stick up on, and the not-so-gentle reminders of, “Garrett did you feed Poochie yet?” everyday. Sylvia was one of a kind and will leave us telling her stories for a long, long time.  My cousin Heather said it best, “…. maybe feeling well and making memories to the very end is life’s ideal path.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Looking back via grateful simplicity