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What’s wrong with this picture?

Update from Garrett (again) from the Caring Bridge website which you can find here.… Spider, Gayle and Prissy are still in New York City are wrapping up extensive testing at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital.

Picture this: It’s Saturday morning in NYC. And there’s a knock at the hotel door. It’s Spider delivering yummy Starbucks to both Gayle and Prissy. Yes, you heard that right. Now Gayle & Prissy can spin it however they like (He woke up early to get breakfast, Starbucks was next door to the breakfast joint, we were tired, etc) but… what’s wrong with this picture?

So here’s the latest and greatest, of which Gayle has said to share: The three amigos are done with MSK for the weekend and have decided to have a little fun before they fly home on Monday. Spider and Gayle will return to MSK on 9-6 for several (“big zaps” of) radiation treatments then return back to Tallahassee for him to recover at home. Spider and Gayle will then return to MSK on (or around) 9/24 for surgery to remove his kidney on 9/27 (there is an actual medical term for this type of procedure but I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, much less medical jargon). The surgery will likely be done robotically Gayle said, which would help him to recover faster. She likes this plan.

Gayle also says that the physicians are young (adding “well, everyone is younger than us”) kind and exude confidence. Confidence can be a wonderful thing.

Mom confessed that during one of the many, long test that she and Gayle were waiting on, that she (being the ‘good friend’ that she is) “took” Gayle to nearby Bloomingdales for a distraction. They were half-heartedly looking around, mindlessly going to this department to that department. Next thing they knew, they found themselves in the cosmetic section where two Bloomingdales Sales Associates sat them down in two chairs and offered to spruce up their make up. Gayle found herself wearing a new shade of lipstick, they removed Mom’s banana clip from her hair (you are welcome, Sara Britton), and returned to MSK shortly thereafter looking like movie stars. At lunch that afternoon, Spider couldn’t help but notice how great both his wife and his girlfriend looked. He told them they had a glow in the face and it must have been from all the walking they have been doing (see yesterday’s post). It was only then that Gayle and Prissy came clean, confessing they had ‘killed some time’ at Bloomingdales only to reappear as if having been at a Glamour Shot session. Way to take one for the team, girls!

Today’s agenda? The Met, followed by lunch in the Met’s Dining Room, followed a trip to a cool bookstore they heard about. Then Spider has managed to find a way to mix business with business which means he needs a new tie for the occasion. Maybe they will go to Bloomingdales to look for one. To go with his blazer, of course.

In all seriousness, I’m sure Gayle, Spider, Sutton, Collins and the rest of their crew appreciate your continued prayers. Safe travels home on Monday to Spider and his ladies!



A Sassyfied Celebration

This is a big week of celebrating in our family… Kicking off with an 89th birthday celebratory luncheon for Meme and spending yesterday giving a big ‘Happy Sassified Birthday’ to this lady.

Happy Birthday, Mom via grateful simplicity


While I can’t tell you her age, what I can tell you is that she was little too excited about the now reduced cost of her medical insurance.


Mom is a woman of many talents, indeed. Not only trying something new during her ‘Second Act‘ but discovering that she is pretty darn good at it! Like, um, I don’t know, whipping out this old world oil painting of her grandchild.


Maybe I can paint? Ah, look I can paint.

Happy Birthday, Mom via grateful simplicity


Maybe I can write? Oh, look- I can write!

Happy Birthday, Mom via grateful simplicity

Happy Birthday, Mom via grateful simplicity

A Sassyfied Celebration



Maybe I can arrange flowers? Oh look, another talent (the fact that she can pull it all off in pig tails is an added plus)

Happy Birthday, Mom via grateful simplicity


But the one thing that she has always been good at, is taking care of, and loving, her family.  And we seem to keep multiplying which means her love keeps on a growin’.


Happy Birthday, Mom. We love you!

Happy Birthday, Mom via grateful simplicity



The Not My House Tour | Part 2

Just like in high school, I liked going to parties so long as they weren’t at my house. Now, I love taking house tours so long as it’s not my own home.

Woow, woot my Mama’s home- c’mon in and I’ll show you around.


When you walk through the front door, looking up you see this.

If you turn to the left it’s the family room, kitchen, bar, etc.

Cocktail anyone?

To the right (from the entrance) are the bedrooms, music area, etc.

My Dad collected grandfather clocks and would come home after work (late) and wind them each night before he went to bed. Such a Type A… don’t know anyone who has such a regimented nighttime ritual {can you hear Mike laughing out loud?}.

Master bedroom:

Wouldn’t be right if Mom didn’t have some funk mixed in.  Three thick gals in bathing suits. Why not?

Master bath and closet…

The pencil sketches were Christmas gifts I game them when the girls were little. I love that original artwork works in the bathroom in this house.

Kenley would tell you that this is her tub.

Guest bathroom:

The “kids” room- and by kids I’m pretty sure Mom means her grand kids seeing that there’s a crib in the corner, a changing table in the closet and clean footed pajamas in the drawers.

Wonder where we got the idea of Sassy and Dapper: An Heirloom Portraiture Company?  Too bad maintaining that blond hair turned out to be too much maintenance for me 30 years later.

My affliction towards everything blue and white suddenly makes sense to me.

Pop’s office and home of a very tall Christmas tree each year.  It’s hard to see with the reflection but the bottom black and white grouping are chalk drawings I did for an advanced placement class in high school. Mom loved them and for years has tried to get me to draw again. That was the first time I ever drew people and also the last. One day, I tell myself, I will have the time to pick up some charcoals again. Until then these can keep her company.

Dale carved the mahogany rocking chair for Mom as a gift.

Another clock, tick tock.

Mom saw these funny looking statues and thought- they should go above my range. They look perfect there though I have often wondered if their back hurts hunching over like that.

Hi Mazelle!

My favorite room- her “mudroom” which is really for painting, art, writing, wrapping, framing and playing.

 Can you see the theme of art throughout the house yet?

Purell- that’s the other tell-tale sign that my Mom lives here.

There’s a large garage that has been converted to a master carpenters workshop where Pops carves all kind of neat things- but I forgot to snap photos of all those fancy (and old) machines!

Now I am going to scoot before they realize I left all three kids back in the “kids” room!

Sassy & Dapper | Finished Portrait

This post is day 20 of a 31 days series on finding Joy Simply. You can read all the posts from the series by clicking HERE.

I’ll go on record saying my photos do not give this painting justice. There, got that out of the way.  My friend Shea recently worked with my Mom and I for a custom portrait of her 5 year old daughter {and my God daughter, hum um}, Railey.  I took photos over the summer and the gorgeous, completed portrait is now living happily in Atlanta with Shea.  Mom had portraits done of my sister and I when we were young so I grew up seeing the paintings on the wall.  Maybe it’s a southern thing, I really don’t know, but Mama’s around here love having their babies within an eye shot particularly on a canvas. In fact. Mom still has our portraits hanging in her house today.

An heirloom, if you will.

24 x 30

You can see that the artist worked off the below photograph.  Painting is not my specialty and I couldn’t do anything like this in a million years. Mom and I started this company, Sassy & Dapper, in hope that mother’s can obtain that Old Master’s style portrait of their children while still having money left over for their college. If this is the end product, I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited with this new endeavor.

The portraiture {artist} is immensely talented.

This will certainly bring Joy Simply to my dear friend for many, many years.

Sassy & Dapper | An Heirloom Portraiture Company

Last month, I posted about a special project I was working on. Well, it has officially begun. My Mom and I have started an {affordable} children’s heirloom portraiture company- Sassy & Dapper. Mom spent 20+ years as a portrait consultant for a well known artist, so she knows a thing or two when it comes to this stuff.  She helps the client decide on canvas size, clothing selection, posing, framing, background, etc.  I’ll handle the photography/editing aspect. We have teamed up with a local, uber talented portrait artist for the painting. She is a hidden jewel who has been doing portrait painting for a while.

Our hope is that any parent (or grandparent) looking for that southern/Old Master’s style portrait can now afford to have that heirloom piece in their collection.

With two already in the works, I cannot wait to see how they turn out! I know they will be just beautiful and am excited for their Mamas.

I snapped some pictures of my Godchild, Railey in June. Talk about some serious cuteness. Her mom, Shea, instructed her not to show her teeth when she smiled.  Being the pleasing child that she is (ha, ha), Railey obliged.

While none of these shots were the one Shea finally “chose”, they were too cute not to share.

As a Godmother, I get bragging rights too, don’t I?

Shea, when she starts funneling beer on the Monsel Apartments/ University Campus with her friend’s college boyfriend, or putting beer cans in her volleyball socks headed to Spring Break in Panama City, just reflect on her standing all innocent in a little white dress.