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Britton’s Birthday in the Big Apple

We have a teenager in the house! My mom had, what I think to be, a fantastic idea of taking each of her granddaughters to New York on their 13th birthday. Lucky for B that happens to be the oldest, she packed her rolling suitcase, googled ‘New York weather’ and tied her white converse tennis shoes. And then she (and we) conquered the Big Apple. Her first trip to NY. Having been a travel agent in her former life, Mom spent time planning the perfect first-time-NY-trip for a 13 year old girl beginning with a 1/2 day private tour of the city. Cliff, our local tour guide for the day sported more jewelry than me, chest hair popping out of his unbuttoned (what I am sure was a women’s) blouse and chewed on his toothpick telling us with his deep, scratchy voice how he quit smoking after 40 years. And the best part? He had a big crush on my 6X year-old Mama. Cliff was the best! He made the entire trip and who knows? He may end up at the next Thanksgiving dinner.  Soho, Matilda, Chelsea Market, church, tours, eating and drinking completed one unforgettable weekend. Happy 13th birthday, Britton!


Britton’s Birthday in the Big Apple



















Garden beds for your birthday?

Garden beds for your birthday?

Coming from a man that is not keen on weekend projects that include a hammer and nails, it was very sweet of Mr. Robinson to offer to build me raised beds for my 39th birthday. Directions and design were found off Instagram no less. Amazingly, he was able to construct the beds exactly as I had pictured. All that is left is to finish the second bed (did I mention we had 4 days of rain last week?!) and fill them with the proper soil. My plan is to grow herbs in one bed, and vegetables in the other. One of the beds gets more hours of sun so I am in the process of researching (ie- polling friends) to see how to do what when it comes to putting on my garden gloves and floppy hat. The idea of farming off our land seems to Laura Ingalls-esque and something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Thank you, Mr. Robinson – you are a good man.




This new app from Waterlogue may never get old. It’s an automated painting app which trransforms your photograph and turns it into a water color painting right before your eyes. For a once AP art student, that’s pretty darn cool. It can be used on both your iPad and iPhone.  I’m seeing some cool DIY projects with this little gem.

Waterlogue photo:

Actual photo:

The Making of a Mermaid Tail {guest post by Britton}

Britton asked us for one thing for her birthday- a real mermaid tail. Lucky for her, she has a Mama who loves to sew. She is the one who designed it- from finding the pattern on YouTube, to shopping for and finding the best price for tail material (, choosing the metallic paints and fin material (Wal-Mart). It is only fitting that she be the one to provide a quick tutorial.

By Britton:
I saw it on a you tube video. Next, i stared looking for fabric for it and i started saving up (money). Once I had the fabric I pinned it and my mom sewed it. When the fabric parts were done I painted the tail by hand and let it dry and it was ready to swim in.

This is all she would let me snap of her on her birthday… I’ll have to get her to squeeze into it again for a full length shot.

Beauty Secrets

Every girl likes a good beauty secret, and Poochie is no different. While chatting at the bus stop recently (yes, all cool Mom’s hang out at bus stops) I was told that using spring water will get rid of the brown tear stains in dog’s eyes and faces. Spring water? So, I’ve tried out this little trick for the past 4 days and lo’ and behold I already notice a difference! 

If it does such a great job on my Havanese, I wonder what it will do for moi?