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Last weekend we had a cousin sleepover. My sister and I had the bright idea (finally) of swapping out Friday nights with the little cousins allowing for some much needed quiet nights/nights out on the town for the parents.  The kids did great- they are finally at an age where you don’t have to worry about choking, wandering off (okay, so maybe you have to watch Big Whit), wetting the bed, or otherwise terrorizing both animals and home.

Instead, it was arts and crafts, popcorn and movies with sleeping bags set up in Meme’s suite. Very fitting- I think she would have liked having them camp out on “her side.”  Saturday morning they awoke super early so by 9am, when we had already been up for 3 hours, we hit Dunkin Doughnuts then headed to Sassy and Pops house where the kids wouldn’t take ‘no answer’ to their unanswered beating on the door as ‘no one is home.’  Sorry, mom.

With the holiday season officially here, it somehow comes with a bittersweetness. Last year, as I took pictures of her on Thanksgiving day, in the back on my mind I thought it could be her last Thanksgiving but in my heart thought she would gather with us for more years to come. Holidays may have an bit of a sting this year.  But I have to remind myself,  how sad would it be if it wasn’t.  There is still so much to be grateful for.

Sleepover via grateful simplicity

Sleepover via grateful simplicity


Sleepover via grateful simplicity

Sleepover via grateful simplicity

Door #2– suspecting Sassy was still asleep they beat on her bedroom door.


Sleepover via grateful simplicity

Front door. Sorry SBK, but everyone has an itch sometimes.





Week of Birthdays

This week in November, every year, brings a double dose of birthdays. Sister Sara Britton was born November 7th exactly one day before my dad’s birthday which is (was?) November 8th. Bada boom bada bing.  And… three friends celebrating birthdays tomorrow, November 9th. Clearly this is “the week” to be born (if there were such a thing).

The Week of Birthdays

week of birthdays via grateful simplicity

Photo Credit: The talented Katrice Howell Photography


And last night we celebrated a dear friends 40th birthday– because four decades is definitely worth celebrating.

The month is young and there are more celebratory days on the way– some of which may also include the numbers 4 and 0. Just sayin’….

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day should be once a month, in case anyone wants to know what I think on the matter. Bi-weekly preferable.   We are going to spend the day tomorrow on the boat on a little island just off the coast. Hoping for some relaxing, resting, peace (and calm seas).  Aunt Britty and her crew will join us as our mama is away for a bit.

Here is to a wonderful and happy mother’s day to the amazing mama’s in my life.





Looking back via grateful simplicity



Reasons to Celebrate via grateful simplicity


Welcome to the World, Catie T yler

happy birthday to you via grateful simplicity


Goodbye, #GrowingUpOnGlenmoreDrive


happy birthday to you via grateful simplicity


Over the river and through the woods via grateful simplicity

Claire Ellen via grateful simplicity



New Life

Easter Sunday is highly celebrated and typically entails a worship service, lunch/brunch and some serious egg hunting.  Sadly, the Easter Bunny brings a little gift or two to the kiddos as well. This year was no exception. In fact, it was a seemingly fitting timing reminding us the resurrection and new life which always brings us hope. And for that we are most grateful.

New Life via grateful simplicity


These two tend to be hot and cold. Best friends yet competitive – mostly of their grandparent’s time and affection. Okay, more Raynes than Whit. Case in point– “Pops” picked up Raynes early from Preschool today — because at age 5 he has a serious case of senioritis. As to not hurt Whit’s feelings, who attends the same preschool in the adjacent classroom, I walked down to get Raynes and bring him to a second location where Pops could secretly pick him up so that Whit wouldn’t feel excluded (Whit recently had his own Pops-oh-so-fun day). What does Raynes do? Announces to me, as we are awaiting Pop’s big blue truck to round the bend, “I told Whit that Pops was picking me up and he cried.” He may or may not have said it with a little twinkle in his eye. Little meany. His parents better kick it up a notch at home.

Some bunny is serious about their egg hunting

Some bunny is serious about their egg huntin


New Life via grateful simplicity

One guess as to who would’ve given these already wild boys more sugar… Hint: Begins with an “s” and ends with a “y”


Wherever she goes, they go…


New Life via grateful simplicity

Happy Valentine’s Day

A certain little 5 year old is determined to fill lots of love buckets today. In fact, time to quickly head down to his class party but in the mean time here’s a little love for YOU.  Middle child had some cute airhead themed valentine which, in true middle school fashion, I neglected to photograph. The struggle is real.

In an attempt to redeem myself from having used the same bug-themed valentine for R for the past three years, I opted to have Etsy help me out this year with his baseball valentines– an extra shout out to wal-mart for putting valentine supplies front and  center so that scattered moms like me couldn’t help but see it and remember what today is.

Happy Valentine’s Day!