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15 days of Christmas

This is an old post that has been sitting in drafts since December. And so it goes…


Mr. Robinson returns shortly following a 5-day hunting trip out of state. His second round in the past two weeks. If you are better at math than me, that means he was gone for 10 out of 22 days in December so far. So what’s a girl to do? Party, of course. And so began, the 15 days of parties. Or, as I like to call it. The 15 days of Christmas.


Day 1: Garden Club party — yes, Garden Club is a real thing whose roots run deep in  T-town. Bee keeping. Florida bears and community organic gardens- that’s us.

garden club large


Day 2: Birthday party for a dear friend… with not a single selfie, post, Insta or tweet to be found. Sometimes when you are having that much fun there is no time to capture.



Day 3: My favorite’s nieces holiday song followed by an evening Christmas party with Mr. R– chili and bonfire style. And once again, nothing but a date on the ol’ iPhone and conversations with friends to commemorate.

PK4 Holiday cuz


stockings are hung on the banister with care….


Day 4: Rayne’s Holiday Sing-Along and Annual White Elephant Christmas Party- mama style.




white elephant

Day 5: I know I had something this evening but for the life of me cannot remember it now….


Day 6: Cotillion Club party (and pre and post and everything in between) and…. Britton’s first non-birthday party complete with a party dress and DJ. Sadly, no photos of my little girl who is no longer a little girl.

cotillion lrge


Day 7: Lighting advent candle at church, (with a great sermon on how to be a gracious receiver- “A partridge and a pear tree), birthday party and Mrs. Claus party (again, for the mama- after all we are working overtime this month), and… Ugly Christmas  party for one of the kiddos.


birthday celebration for sweet Windsor.. the big THREE!


talk about a festive birthday cake!


Day 8: Allie Boone’s birthday party… with Christmas cheer for the parents that evening. Or parent in my case.




Day 9: Triple play evening starting with the annual WebbSteiner Christmas dinner… Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. This is really consecutive nights. The plus side? Mr. Robinson made it home just in time to join in on the evening fun.


garden club large-2


Day 10 :  A lovely dinner with Santa.. in what might as well have been the house I also grew up in.




Day 11:  Christmas Eve family service followed by annual party at the Hanleys. Aunt Bunny said this is the 30th + year they’ve hosted the celebration. Looking back, I cannot remember a Christmas eve that didn’t involve the Hanley’s home (with the exception the Christmas my Dad was sick– also known as the worst Christmas ever).


Day 12:  Family Christmas Dinner



Day 13: Post-Christmas Cheer at a co-workers house…. Loved it!


Day 14: Skeet Shooting with some of my favorite high school friends.






Christmas 2015 {part II)

Christmas 2015 {part II)

Because it’s really not Christmas unless there is a round I and II. One of the byproducts of having all your family in one Florida town.  After spending the morning with our kiddos, we drove the .4 miles over to Mom and Dale’s (also known as Sassy and Pops) for the little kids to have, what can only be described as an entirely second Christmas, followed by lunch, naps then back to Mom and Dale’s for a big family supper. Dee Dee’s infamous yule log is her ticket into dinner every year. One year she got sick and couldn’t make it, and though I can’t be quite sure I do believe I heard folks mumbling under their breaths something along the lines of… ‘how dare she get sick. Doesn’t she know how we look forward her yule log. No one else can make it.‘  Insert Leslie, Uncle Matt’s Mom, who is also homemaker extraordinaire and whipped up a coconut cake Christmas night like you wouldn’t believe. I do believe I left Christmas dinner a good 6 lbs heavier. Hopefully, we will get some proper winter weather soon and I can tuck it all in under a warm winter coat.   For the time being, judging by the coughing that went on in this house last night, I will likely spend the day giving both my boys cough medicine and catering to their every whim. Seems they both caught the sniffles that are going around and we all know how boys can be when they feel (ever so slightly) under the weather. Enough about weather and food- let’s focus on preparing to celebrate a New Year!





Uncle Matt made a pork tenderloin and the best dang garlic mashed potatoes I do believe I’ve ever had. Mom Leslie taught him well! My sister and I are fortunate to have husbands who can cook.



Mr. Robinsons’s parents




Our resident PA, Kristopher, who just graduated from PA school. Do you know how happy this makes Meme to have a doctor in the family again?!





Aunt Gina was just happy to have Katie home from LA where she recently moved to take a job with a little company known as Warner Brother Studios.



Mom continues to remind my sister and I that she has one stocking to remaining to be monogrammed… just in case. I’ve assured her that we will not be needing it…..

Christmas 2015 {part I}

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve and morning with all our babies wearing (somewhat) matching pajamas and big smiles. K tried to get the celebration started extremely early– as in 4 am but was promptly sent back to bed until at least 6:30 am. As much Mr. Robinson and I wanted to sleep in we could certainly sympathize with their excitement as Christmas morning is one that you know you’ll remember for many years to come- so with the help of the auto-brew Lucky Goat coffee, got started we did.  If only I could slow down time and keep them young forever (Britton recently pointed out that she has 3 more semesters until high school. My heart sank in my chest a little). The years seem to pass a little more swiftly at each turn. Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015



the obligatory ‘stop and let me get your picture first’ snapshot





12 days of Florida Christmas-- note for Santa by K & R

12 days of Florida Christmas– note for Santa by K & R


Cousins dropping off homemade honey!

The ‘”big” Cousins home from Colorado and dropping off homemade honey!



Poor girl- she’s still looking for her presents




My Gingerbread Man

My Gingerbread Man

Winter break officially begins today…. and we is ready. Raynes had his Preschool Holiday Sing-Along yesterday, followed by a gingerbread party. Note the bow tie and apron. Who would’ve thunk I would have myself a bow-tie wearing boy? And one who likes to perform at that?  Uncle Matt said he looked like a red-headed Pee Wee Herman. I’m sure that’s a term of endearment. Now it’s on to last minute wrapping, few more Christmas cards to mail, poinsetta planting and Advent preparing. Ho, ho, ho.





Singing is serious business

Singing is serious business


Someone in the background spotted their Pops.







Holly Jolly

Holly jolly, indeed.  Allie Boone’s holiday sing-along was this morning. Front and center, she felt ‘at home’ being on stage I think. Visiting with the Big Guy at the end of the show was yet another added bonus to her day.  Raynes, never to miss an opportunity to see Sassy and Pops to eat candy, snuck out his class to join in on the fun. Can you blame him?  Not to worry R, you will have your time to shine tomorrow morning.

PK4 Holiday cuz


PK4 Holiday sassy

PK4 Holiday table